Welcome to the officer round table! Each month, a question will be posted along with a response from each of the state officers. In general, each question will be related to the time that it is posted and will allow members to learn a little more about the state officer team every month. Feel free to visit the Illinois FBLA Facebook and Twitter pages and voice your opinion in a comment or @reply.

May 2014

"As this school year comes to a close, what are you most looking forward to for the upcoming school year?"

Kelsey: "It's a scary and then exciting feeling all wrapped in to one weird anxious feeling when I think about going away to college this fall. In the fall I will be attending Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY, where I will be playing on the soccer team. I am most looking forward to the chance to be able to find out what it is I want to do in life. I currently am set on majoring in International Business, however many of us know that could change at any time. I am excited to enter my university and have a chance to meet so many new people and hopefully sooner than later, decide what I want to be doing for the rest of my life.

I would be lying if I didn't tell you that I was excited for NLC in Nashville his summer. How cool is it that NLC isn't that far away from home? (Or maybe it's just me because I like in the bottom of the state). Regardless, NLC will be my last FBLA event, and I plan to make it one of the most memorable. I wish all of you the best luck and I hope that as a state we can succeed and bring home multiple top places."

John: "I am most excited for all the fun that comes with senior year! I am also excited to pick a college and prepare for the next chapter in my book of life. National Leadership Conference is in Chicago next year, which excites me as a 2014-15 state officer."

Ruben: "Next year I look forward to yet another year of being able to meet new people. The past three years have benefited me a lot in that I have gotten the chance to build relationships with other members across the country. While it is important to meet with members whom you are unfamiliar with in your chapter, it is also nice to be able find out what you have in common with members from California or New York or any other state. So for next year, I look forward to meeting new people and sustaining these friendships for as long as I can."

Spencer: "I will be heading into my junior year of high school next year, so I'm really looking forward to it. Particular events, however, are a little more anticipated. I may have the chance to work as a page in the Illinois Senate, and make brooms at many events. I am so ready for summer- I can taste the lawn mowing and farm chores I will be doing. Well, I'm not quite as excited for those.. But hey! I am looking forward to meeting up with my friends this summer at NLC, and maybe knocking a few things off my bucket list- go to the Arch with Kammer Strachan, finish Pokemon X or Y... (Either one), build a stain glass window, and fly a plane again. Have a wonderful summer, my FBLA chickadees! I hope to see you guys and gals some more!"

Audrey: "I am looking forward to being a senior next next year and having lots of fun and graduating! I believe I have some form of seƱoritis because I wish I was graduating this year! After graduating I am planning on attending UIC in Chicago to hopefully become a pediatric nurse! I have lots of fun exciting things to do in the years to come!"

Ashley: "Next year I am most excited to be moving across the country to go to college. I will be attending Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. I will be joining the next level of FBLA, Phi Beta Lambda, and I look forward to all the opportunities that I know will come from that. I'm also looking forward to being able to use the skills that I have learned during my years in FBLA to be one of tomorrow's responsible business leaders."

Steven: "While it still hasn't quite hit me yet, I am honestly thrilled to be attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to study Mechanical Engineering this upcoming fall. It's heartbreaking to know that I won't be seeing the many friends I've met throughout high school on a regular basis. On the flip side, I am excited to be attending a large university that will allow me to forge even more friendships as well as have the opportunity to continue my membership in this great organization by joining PBL. With my senior year of high school out of the way, I can't wait to start on working towards starting my career and applying everything I've learned these past four years in FBLA that have changed me for the better so much. Knowing how my transition into high school from middle school opened my eyes to a world of new opportunities, I can't even begin to imagine what college will bring."

Carolyn: "I am so excited for college! I will be attending the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and I absolutely cannot wait. I will miss FBLA more than any other aspect of high school, but I am very excited to see what all college has to offer, especially when it comes to study abroad and research opportunities. :)"