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October 2014

Herrin High School

HHS sponsored their 2nd annual Powderpuff football game. This was started last year and has become a great way to raise money for the March of Dimes. The game is held the Sunday that kicks off Homecoming week and had a great turnout. The community was invited and FBLA raised almost $700.00 for the March of Dimes. This year's victors, in a huge upset, was the Sophomores...Class of 2017! A great time was had by all!!!


Coal City High School

We recently did a fundraiser at our school called Haunted Hallways. From 4:30-7:30 on October 29, 600+ children went Trick-or-Treating around the halls of Coal City High School. There were games, activities, and concessions throughout the event. FBLA sponsored the event and a portion of the proceeds went to the March of Dimes Foundation. We received a lot of positive feedback from the parents and children throughout the community. I was wondering if you could possibly include this on the website as well as the FBLA newsletter if you are in charge of that. I will attach some pictures of the event as well. -Mady Bunton

Coal City cc


Mater Dei Catholic High School

The Mater Dei Catholic High School's chapter has been having a very busy fall. We started off the year by playing bingo at a local nursing home. The residents and students alike enjoyed the evening very much. 

Our Career Speaker Series if off to a good start. Students enjoyed learning from local small-business entrepreneur and successful business woman Michele Maue of the very popular Dairy King business. Next was Kyle Eversgerd, Fan Developement Manager of the St. Louis Rams. Mr. Eversgerd, a Mater Dei alum, shared secrets of his career successes with the students. Future speakers include a nurse, physical therapist, and a financial adviser

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Warren Township High School

This year our FBLA chapter, from Warren Township High School, created a float to march in our school’s homecoming parade. We had about 50 of our members help design, build, and march with the float. Building the float was a great bounding opportunity for all our new and old members. Marching with the float also helped us promote our chapter. This year our chapter did such a great job, that we won the contest for best float. Float building was a great social event to kick off the start of the year.  -Hannah Frier

warren warren

East Richland High School FBLA - Back in Business

On June 30, 2014, the West Richland Community Unit District #2, located in Noble, Illinois, dissolved. On July 1, 2014, the students and staff in what was the West Richland school district became East Richland students and staff members.  West Richland’s FBLA chapter was established in 1985 by Dorothy Scanavino (deceased). The chapter was active for 29 years. In addition to the late Mrs. Scanavino, the chapter was later advised by the late Joyce Rusk and Brenda Stallard. Due to the annexation, West Richland’s FBLA chapter no longer exists. However, when things come to an end, new and exciting things begin. The annexation gave the former West Richland FBLA members an opportunity to re-activate East Richland High School’s FBLA chapter.  East Richland High School, located in Olney, Illinois, chartered their first chapter in 1952 under the advisement of Miss Garrison.  The East Richland FBLA chapter was active from 1952-1998.  After the 1998 school year, the school dropped its charter and was inactive until this school year.  The re-activated East Richland FBLA chapter is currently made up of 17 former West Richland members and 11 native East Richland students.  We are extremely excited about the opportunity to grow and promote FBLA.  

Promotion - We began the year with a kick-off party to stimulate interest in FBLA.  At the kick-off, the members played team-building games, ate some good food, and heard a presentation from chapter president, Matthew Runyon.  That same week, four members of the officer team gave a presentation to the East Richland Board of Education.  The purpose of the presentation was to inform the administrators and board members about FBLA’s goals and purpose.  The officer team will be conducting a similar presentation in December to local chamber of commerce. Over 70 letters were mailed to area businesses to get the word out about FBLA. During Homecoming Week the chapter provided and decorated a float for the parade. Members tossed candy to children and promoted FBLA.

Community Service - The chapter has also been able to do some volunteering.  Members help with child-care services once or twice a month at parent workshops that are provided at the elementary school.  They have also helped with a school salvage event.  On Veteran’s Day the members will be raking leaves for several elderly community members.  In early December, they will be holding class competitions to raise money to buy Christmas presents for a needy family through the Adopt-a-Family program. They are also making plans to help with the annual Coaches vs. Cancer event that will be held in February.

Leadership - At the end of last school year, four West Richland FBLA members were chosen to make plans for starting the new chapter at East Richland.  These members met over the summer and attended the FBLA Summer Leadership Workshop.  Once the school year began at East Richland, additional officer elections were held and four more officers were added to the team.  In October, a few of the members took advantage of attending PBL’s Fall Seminar Series at McKendree College in Lebanon, Illinois and thirteen members are attending the National Fall Leadership Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. East Richland FBLA will also host the area conference in January, so the officers are busy making plans for that event.

Fundraising - The members are currently selling Pastry Puffins as their first fundraising event. They launched the sales by baking samples for the members and school staff, and they are now taking orders in the community.  In December, they will also be holding a spaghetti supper in conjunction with the drama department’s first production for the year.

The members are looking forward to promoting FBLA and providing opportunities for more involvement.  

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October 2014

Mundelein High School


MunMundelein FBLA showcased their hard work on the FBLA float at the Mundelein High School Homecoming Parade.  Members dedicated two hours after school each day for a week and a half on the float.  Members incorporated the theme, There’s No Place Like Homecoming, from the Wizard of Oz, by creating Munchkinland, the yellow brick road, and Emerald City!  Creative ideas from members were incorporated such as a slogan-”Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Success as we Step Up to the Challenge!”, and a large piece with each of the letters of FBLA paired with a cardboard character from the movie.



   One of four of Mundelein FBLA’s kickball teams at the annual Northern Area March of Dimes Kickball Fundraiser. Chapters from the Northern Area participated in a friendly kickball tournament and later enjoyed snacks from local restaurants from 4-7 pm.  There were over 100 members participating and over $1,000.00 was raised for the March of Dimes organization.  In addition, Mundelein FBLA partnered up with the Mundelein Marching Band in August, during band camp, to raise money for the March of Dimes through a Coin Wars competition between the instrument sections.  Mundelein High School FBLA and band raised $3, 337.00 in five days for the March of Dimes!